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What Is Inverter and What Is Its Application in Industry

An inverter or converter plays a vital role in multiple industrial sectors, serving as an essential electrical device that converts power at a higher voltage level.

This article extensively explores the functions and applications of this device, emphasizing its ability to handle heavy loads and provide reliable and consistent AC power. It discusses the wide range of applications for industrial inverters, including precise motor control, energy efficiency, power backup, robotics, automation, home appliances, medical equipment, and rail traction systems.

What Is the Industrial Inverter? 

An industrial inverter is an electrical device that transforms direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power at a higher voltage level. This device is widely employed in diverse industrial sectors, including manufacturing plants, power generation facilities, and large-scale machinery.

The main function of a converter is to convert DC power, typically sourced from batteries or solar panels, into AC power suitable for operating various electrical equipment and machinery. The AC power generated by an inverter exhibits the same characteristics as the power provided by utility companies, making it ideal for energizing a wide array of industrial equipment.

These electric devices are renowned for their powerful capacity and sturdy construction, allowing them to handle high loads and sustain continuous operation. They often incorporate features such as overload protection, temperature monitoring, and surge suppression to ensure the secure and reliable operation of connected equipment.

Because of the critical nature of its applications, this device is engineered to comply with rigorous industrial standards for performance, efficiency, and durability. It undergoes exhaustive testing and certification to guarantee resilience in harsh environments, protection against electrostatic discharge, and the ability to withstand other challenging conditions commonly encountered in industrial settings.

Industrial Inverter Applications for Installing and Controlling Electromotors

Industrial inverters are extensively utilized in controlling electromotors in diverse machinery ranging from conveyors, pumps, compressors, fans, and mixers. They enable the adjustment of motor speed and voltage to suit specific operational requirements. Here is how:

Achieving Variable Speed Control

The so-called device offers exceptional precision in regulating the speed of electromotors. By manipulating the frequency and voltage output, the electric device can effectively govern the rotational speed of the motor according to specific requirements. This versatile speed control capability ensures optimal motor performance in diverse industrial processes.

Enabling Soft Start and Stop

Industrial inverters have the capability to initiate soft starters for electromotors, thereby reducing the electrical current drawn and prolonging the motor's lifespan. Abrupt changes in speed during motor initiation or shutdown can cause excessive stress and wear on both the motor and connected machinery. This device mitigates this issue by enabling gradual acceleration and deceleration, ensuring a gentle and smooth transition in motor speed. This gentle starting and stopping mechanism significantly extend the longevity of the motor and associated equipment.

Offering Direction Control

Converter also facilitates the ability to reverse the direction of electromotors, which proves advantageous in various applications such as conveyor systems, centrifuges, and pumps.

Promoting Energy Efficiency

Inverters contribute to energy conservation by adjusting the power output of the motor to match the specific process requirements rather than continuously operating at full speed. This intelligent power management strategy results in significant energy savings and improved overall efficiency.

Ensuring Precision Control

Finally, the device provides precise control over the motor, allowing for accurate positioning and meticulous control of various mechanical systems. This level of precision ensures optimal performance and enhances the overall efficiency of industrial processes.

Other Applications of the Industrial Inverter

Not only are inverters used for controlling electromotors, but also they find numerous applications across various industries, showcasing their versatility and importance. That's why inverter purchase is extensively important when running an industry. Here are some of their common uses:

Reliable Power Backup

In the face of power outages, these devices step in to provide seamless backup power. This is crucial in industries such as manufacturing plants, data centers, and hospitals, where uninterrupted power supply is critical to operations.

Integration of Renewable Energy

These devices are instrumental in incorporating renewable energy sources, like solar panels and wind turbines, into the grid. By converting direct current (DC) generated by these sources into alternating current (AC), inverters facilitate the use of renewable energy in industrial settings or enable feeding it back into the grid.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Inverter-based systems known as VFDs provide control over the speed and torque of electric motors. This technology enables energy savings and improved performance in applications such as HVAC systems, escalators, elevators, and industrial automation.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Another application of this device is to avoid any interruptions in the power supply. UPS systems guarantee immediate backup power during grid failures. Industries heavily reliant on continuous power, like telecommunications, data centers, and manufacturing, benefit from this protection against downtime and financial losses. In case of any damages, inverter repair must be done immediately by technicians and experts to avoid any issues in the future.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Inverters play a crucial role in charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) by converting AC power from the grid into DC power suitable for EV batteries. This ensures efficient and safe charging in industrial settings like parking lots, public transportation facilities, and commercial buildings.

Power Conditioning

These electric devices are also utilized to condition electrical power and enhance its quality. By eliminating harmonics, voltage fluctuations, and other disturbances, inverters ensure a stable and reliable power supply for sensitive industrial equipment.

Rail Traction Systems

Inverters are employed in rail transportation systems to convert DC power from overhead lines or third rails into AC power required by electric trains. Apart from facilitating efficient power transmission, they contribute to the overall performance enhancement of rail systems.

Energy Storage Systems

Converters are integral components of energy storage systems, such as battery banks or flywheel systems. They manage the charging and dischargin g of energy storage devices, optimizing the utilization of stored energy in applications like microgrids and off-grid installations.

Moreover, converters find a vital place in robotics, automation, home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines, as well as in medical equipment including imaging devices, surgical tools, and patient monitoring systems. They ensure precise control and smooth motor operation in these applications.


Industrial inverters are crucial in numerous industrial environments as they convert DC power into AC power that is suitable for operating machinery and equipment. They provide a wide array of advantages, and as industries progress and adopt technological innovations, they remain a fundamental aspect of optimizing industrial processes.

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