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Kyiv, July 29 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Famous banker Serhiy Tihipko, who recently announced his plans to run for the presidency, has said that there are currently no grounds for the hryvnia's devaluation, and consequently, growth in the U.S. dollar exchange rate, as a balance in foreign trade is observed in Ukraine.

He was speaking during his working visit to Kirovohrad, his press service reported.

"We have problems with gas payments, but all payments are coming from the National Bank's currency reserves or through borrowings, and perhaps, partially from other funds. Now we'll get a new tranche from the International Monetary Fund, and it will be used to cover the budget deficit. Therefore, I emphasize that there are no macroeconomic grounds for the hryvnia's devaluation," Tihipko said.

He also said that the current situation on the currency market directly depended on the professional activities of the National Bank and its carrying out a consistent policy.

"The public should trust the NBU governor. He should be a very public person, and it is he who should comment on the situation with the exchange rate. The logic of his actions should be clear to market players, first and foremost, to the commercial banks," Tihipko said.

Moreover, he also said that in a crisis situation, it was unnecessary to be afraid of taking administrative measures and controlling the allocation of funds for the refinancing of commercial banks.

"If it's necessary to control currency contracts, this should be done tightly. If the National Bank gives refinancing [funds], it should make sure that they don't enter the currency market, as was the case recently," he said.

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