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Kyiv, July 29 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Tekt Group to raise UAH 500 million for Tekt Private Equity Fund I sending them to projects on the purchase of troubled assets, according to Vadym Hryb, the group's head.

"I've studied demand – there are money and no bottom is seen," he said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

The preliminary talks with seven company's clients allow forecasting their participation in the fund with some UAH 400 million, while the company has another 25 clients who can take part in the fund, Hryb said.

He said that after the preliminary talks the company said that the minimum down payment could be increased from the planned UAH 5 million to UAH 50 million.

Hryb said that he plans to invest into 10% of the fund.

He said that potential investors are ready to give funds for concrete projects, and at present, the key task of the group is selection of the projects.

It would be around ten projects with the minimum interest of 45% and the target interest –100% per annum.

Hryb said that currently the group's portfolio includes seven similar projects worth UAH 600 million. He said that on average the group achieves the 1.5-year payback period for direct investment with a 150% interest rate.

The group's head said that only controlling stakes would be bought, and the size of deals would be estimated at $2-10 million. The company should have a stable money flow from operations. He did not disclose possible projects, giving as an example a trade center of 7,000 square meters worth $150,000.

Hryb said that the specific feature of the new fund would be distribution of funds from the sale of each investment at once after its sale and not waiting for the shutting down of the fund.

Commenting the situation on the market, he said that it would not be improvement as it is forecasted.

"The situation would only aggravate," he said, explaining his position by the worsening of banks' problems, inflation growth and future elections. Hryb said that one could expect a rise in around 1.5 years, although in some sectors the growth could be seen earlier.

Commenting the sale of Tekt Asset Management, which is in the group's plans, the group's head said that it is linked with a desire to focus on the traditional and more profitable direction for the group - equity investment in the crisis conditions.

He said that around 7-10 companies showed their interest in the acquisition of Tekt Asset Management, as the business is profitable.

Tekt Group was established in 1995. Its main owner is Vadym Hryb.

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