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Get the best home nurse services with Darmanno

Have you ever heard about Darmanno service? Do you know the advantage of receiving nursing services at home? What about a nursing care center? Do you know anything about it?

If your answer is no, follow us in this article. Because we are going to talk about all the services in Darmanno brand. This information will help you use home services for better health and life.

Why people need nursing services at home?

Health is the most important asset in people's lives. And this disease may affect many humans. This is why we all need home and hospital nursing services.

As you know, if the patient does not receive good nursing services, doctors cannot help the person to recover.

Of course, it should be noted that the post-surgery nursing care center plays an important role. Because nurses provide the conditions for people to heal, without them no one can regain health.

But the question is, if the patient wants to receive good nursing services at home, what services can he receive? In the following, we will answer this question.

Introduction to nursing services at home

If you visit the Darmanno website, you will see many services that people can get at home. Below are some of these services:

  • serum injection

  • all type of injections

  • cupping

  • bandage

  • request for general medical services

  • Request for a specialist doctor's examination at home

  • Issuance of death certificate

In the following, we are going to explain more about all these things. So continue reading this article.

Serum injection

Sometimes people suffer from diseases such as colds, flu and digestive problems. In this situation, the patient's desire to eat and drink decreases. So what is the solution?

Serum injection is the only solution for the patient's recovery. Because there are all kinds of useful minerals in serum. That is why the nursing care center has these services to help people at home.

All type of injections

As you know, if people use injection services, they will recover faster than if they take medicine. So if your patient needs a quick recovery of his health, you should submit your request to Darmanno website.

As we mentioned before, the Darmanno has provided conditions for receiving nursing services at home. That is why if you need to use these services, follow the steps that we have written below:

  • Send request

  • Set time

  • Pay nursing services

And done! After these 3 steps, a nurse will come to your home and start the injection.


Cupping is kind of treatment for blood purification. It's an easy way to feel better for all people. For this reason, nursing care center has provide cupping services at home.

Therefore, if people need to use cupping services at home, they should send their request to the Darmanno site. In addition, it is better to mention that cupping services are not painful. So you can use it to purify your blood.


Bandage is another important service that people receive at home. As you know, patients should change their bandages after surgery. Because if they don't, the wounds will get infected.

However, there is no patient who can change his bandage on his own. So this is another reason why we all need nursing care facilities in our lives.

Request for general medical services

As a good news, we must say that the nursing care center is not limited to bandages, cupping and injections. Because patients can also send requests for general medical services.

Of course, general medical services are a subset of the doctor's care center, but it does not mean that people cannot use general medicine at home. In addition, you can count on a doctor at home for the following reasons:

  • For old patients

  • Sports injuries

  • Emergency cases

  • Post-surgery care

  • People who wants to save their time

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Covid 19

  • All special and dangerous deses

Request for a specialist doctor's examination at home

Sometimes after surgery, people cannot go to the hospital. In this situation, patients can be examined by a doctor at home. It is a type of nursing care center. But note, these services are not the same.

For more explain, you can go to Darmanno webpage and see that nurse services are include bandages, cupping and injections. While doctor services are different with nursing services at home.

You may ask, what are the advantages of send a request for a specialist doctor's examination at home? In the list below, we have answered this question:

  • Save money of transporting the patient to the hospital

  • Increasing the level of public health

  • Save time

  • Receive doctor's advises without standing in long queues for a specialist visit in the office

  • Increasing level of hygiene

Issuance of death certificate

One of the most important services of the nursing care center is issuing a death certificate. As you know, people need a doctor's opinion for this certificate. So if your patient is not healthy enough to live, you can use this service at home.

What is Paraclinical services-at home?

Paraclinical services at home include private ambulance, test at home, eco cardiography and radiology. So if people need to get these services at home, they can darmanno home nursing service center.

As we mentioned before, Darmanno is an online platform which helps people to keep their health at home. Because of Darmanno services, patients in Iran, can access to experienced nurses and doctors. This service is very rare and valuable.


If you want to get the best home nurse services, you can use Darmanno platform. This website is contain of most important services such as serum injection, all type of injections, cupping, bandage, request for general medical services, request for a specialist doctor's examination at home and issuance of death certificate.

Therefore, all people who need to use the nursing care center and see a doctor at their home will benefit from this service. How about you? Do you prefer to see a doctor at home or is it easy for you to go to the hospital? Do you think Darmanno service is useful for people?

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