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Bonuses and rewards of BingX exchange

Bonuses and rewards of BingX exchange

In BingX exchange, various bonuses and discounts are given, many of which can be used for different occasions. In this article, we are going to review different types of bonuses, discounts in transactions and rewards and explain them all. If you are looking for information about this, be sure to stay with us.

1. What are the rewards and bonuses of digital currency exchange?

2. How to get bonus in Bingx exchange?

3. How to get $120 bonus from Bing X exchange?

4. What are the types of bonuses and awards in Bing X exchange?

All kinds of bonuses and awards in BingX exchange

bingx exchange, like other exchanges, gives bonuses and rewards to keep its users and old customers, as well as to attract more users. These rewards are given to users on various occasions and important events and competitions. The rewards of Bing X exchange include the following:

Subsidy coupon or copy trade subsidy voucher

The copy trade system in the BingX exchange allows users to copy professional people and open their trades and trading positions like them. If the user does not profit or lose from this copy trade, this The amount and coupon are paid as compensation for part of his losses, which is a form of insurance. Of course, in copy trade, the probability of losing is low. unless a good copywriter is chosen or the limit of profit and loss is not specified.

· Fee discount coupon or rebate voucher

When registering and creating a user account in the bingx exchange, an amount of 10 or 20 dollars is entered into the user account as a reward and bonus, which can be activated for any part the user wants. If transactions are made in that section and there is a fee, the system automatically deducts the fee from this money.

· Perpetual trade bonus

This bonus is considered for margin trading. It is natural that for the initial margin and the money needed to carry out the transaction, it can be used once and without limit in the leverage. By using this bonus, the specified amount can be added to one of the user's transactions and to perform The transaction is used.

Standard futures trade bonus or USDT Bonus

This trade is for people who are active and have increased their trading volume. Increasing trading volume after registration can lead to a $120 bonus. A trade can be opened independently with a certain coefficient and without the need for an initial margin. In other words, by using this bonus, you can start trading without having to deposit money first.

How to get bonus in bingx exchange

In Bing X exchange, you can access and use bonuses through the main menu. Some Bing X bonuses and rewards have an expiration date and must be used by the expiration date, otherwise they will be lost.

To use Bing X bonuses, it is enough for the user to log in to his user account. In the upper part and on the left (Persian language), you must click on the avatar option and enter the my reward section. Then you can hit the use option and use the bonuses that exist in different parts. Of course, there are two other parts here. One is called invalid which shows lost and expired rewards. In the other part called claimed, you can see the rewards that have been received so far.

The bonuses that can be seen in my reward include all discounts for purchases, free closing of transactions, subsidy coupons and more. . .are.

Deposit bonus and account top-up in Bing X bingx

You can easily receive up to 500 Tether deposit bonus in BingX exchange. As you can see, this bonus amount is high. Therefore, to receive it, you must be extremely careful so that it belongs to you.

To do this, you can log in to your user account and click on the my reward option from the avatar section and then enter new user rewards. From the deposit section, you can select first deposit and click on deposit now. If you are doing this for the first time, you can get a bonus of up to 500 Tether. After registering in this exchange, you only have 7 days to deposit and get your 500 Tether. But during this time, you should not have any impression.

It is very important to have the following conditions to receive the deposit bonus:

1. At first, try to have a high deposit. If you deposit $200, you get a $10 bonus. If you deposit $100, your bonus amount is $20. Also, respectively, if you deposit 10,0 CAD, 150,500,000 USD, you will receive a bonus of 200, 2,500 USDT.

2. You have only 7 days to do this.

3. The process of calculating and depositing the prize can take between 20 and 30 days.

4. Do not withdraw from your account before receiving the bonus.

How to get $120 bonus from Bing X exchange?

One of the best digital currency exchanges that has been able to attract the opinion of its old and new users with various bonuses, is the Bingx exchange. This exchange has prepared different and attractive plans for its users, who can receive a total of 120 dollars in rewards by completing these plans. Here are the steps you can take to get to $120:

· At first, the user account must be charged with 200 dollars. The reward for this action is a $5 bonus.

· At this stage, you can do spot transactions with a volume of at least $300 and receive another $5 bonus.

· If the trading volume in the spot market exceeds $5,000, a $10 bonus will be credited to the user's account.

· It is possible to receive another 10 dollars in the futures market by trading more than 10,000 dollars and using leverage.

· If the trading volume in the futures market exceeds 200,000 dollars, the highest bonus volume is awarded to a person, which is equal to 100 dollars.

· If you can enter this exchange with a referral code during registration, another 10 dollars will be given to the person. This referral code can be K9UR38

It should be noted that these bonuses and rewards may be changed by Bing X exchange. Therefore, these bonuses are never stable. But so far and at this moment, receiving a bonus of $120 in the BingX exchange is still valid and can be used easily.

last word and How much is the bingx registration bonus?

Many exchanges pay registration bonuses to attract customers and users. Bing X exchange is no exception to this rule and if registration is done on this platform, a certain amount of rewards and bonuses will be entered into the prize wallet. The amount considered for users is between 10 and 20 dollars, which is deposited after completing the registration. Of course, be careful that authentication in this exchange is not mandatory at all.

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