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Antimonopoly Committee Files Case Against Imexbank For Submission Of Insufficient Information About Its Activity

04/12/2007 | 08:45 / Author: Pavlo Kharlamov / Topic: Finance, Regions of Ukraine

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) has opened a case against large-sized Imexbank (Odesa) for submission of insufficient information about its activity.

Ukrainian News learned this from the committee report.

The committee is making a deep study of the consumer lending market with respect to observance of competition law in the banking sector.

«Nonetheless, some banks give lame excuse for their untimely submission of full information about their activity even at request of competent agencies. In fact, these institutions hinder the sturdy and do not realize the committee's need to fulfill the tasks it is empowered to fulfill by law,» the report reads.

Such actions are punishable by a fine of up to 1% of annual income, which can mean millions for a bank.

In this situation, the committee suggests that the banks should be more attentive to inquiries and build their relations with government agencies accordingly.

«Banking institutions that fail to respond to our inquiries in due course will be punished severely. It is not fines only, it is about raising the issue at the National Bank about revoking licenses from the banks unwilling to work within the legal field,» AMCU Chairman Oleksii Kostusev said.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Imexbank's assets were valued at UAH 2,536.572 million as of January 1, 2007, when its credit portfolio amounted to UAH 1,431.388 million and capital totaled UAH 292.990 million.

The bank ended 2006 with a net profit of UAH 22.632 million.

Parliamentary Deputy Leonid Klymov of the Party of Regions is the honorary president of Imexbank.

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